Our solutions include personalized geospatial consulting services. We work with public and private organizations, both large and small, to optimize the use of GIS.

Town of Carbondale, Colorado

  • Planning Department: Create new Town Zoning map, webmap and database along with Future Land Use Mapping products.
  • Utilities Department: Update and capture Town infrastructure; including sewer, irrigation ditches, water, and storm water
  • Recreation Department: Carbondale Parks Story Map
  • Public Works Department: Road construction and maintenance scheduling, snow plow routes, general road and route maps, Art Around Town Story Map

Lario Oil & Gas

  • Create land database and webmap to identify leases and ownership in highly populated region to assist in the development and leasing strategy of the company
  • Develop methodology to group wells by spatial location and calculate the percentile of each well within the group along with spatial statistics for each polygon group area. The resulting percentile analysis used to select wells for cross-plotting in SpotFire to compare production to geologic parameters.
  • Create model to automate process of creating lease line buffers for development areas.

Entrada Consulting Group

  • Creation of Site maps, Groundwater Potentiometric Surfaces, Benzene Isoconcentration Maps, Groundwater sampling maps, and Topographic map figures for annual and semi-annual reporting to state of the  contamination site.
  • Incident response maps

Ranching and Private Investment

  • Mapping mineral interest, infrastructure, and presenting industrial information to stake holders
  • Provide flood plain mapping, surface analysis, and development agreement map for ranch acquisition
  • Analyze the burn severity and flash flood potential for property assessment
  • Create database of ranch infrastructure and generate map products for stakeholders
  • Provide analysis and mapping to create a land partition for legal documentation

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